Extended Learning Environment



We believe that learning beyond the classroom, using the local environment, can provide a range of experiences that help develop key skills and enrich subject learning. Learning from real life ‘hands on’ experiences enables students to relate what they learn at school to the world around them and leads to increased motivation and raised attainment.

We have developed a policy to allow staff to teach students off the school site within a designated area, the Extended Learning Environment. Maps are posted below showing the boundaries within which such lessons can take place. There are two boundaries, one for classes who are walking, and one for classes being taken by minibus. Such lessons will be able to take place without prior notification to parents, giving teachers the flexibility to adapt their lessons to the weather, local events and other changing circumstances. All staff have been introduced to protocols to lead lessons within these boundaries, with due regard to the safety and welfare of their students.

This procedure will only cover lessons within the designated areas and at no cost to yourselves or the students. All other visits outside school will be arranged using a different set of procedures that include prior communication with parents.