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Growing confident learners

We are very proud of our school and believe that all children should strive to achieve their best. Our staff are committed to support and develop students to become confident and very well- equipped with skills to continue their learning journey when they leave us. Enjoying learning and being curious about the world we live in is important to us. We want students to deepen their thinking and be continuously challenged. The majority of our students left the sixth form last year either to go to university or to take up an apprenticeship.

As the lead school in the Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance we share our expertise and knowledge but also value the strong partnerships with other schools. We can learn from each other and together we are better. Our teachers benefit from the outstanding teacher programmes on offer and also contribute to shape effective student learning.

Behaviour for learning at our school is good. Our motto is ‘RESPECT to all, from all’. Students value their learning and want to do well. Visitors to our school always comment on the openness and enthusiasm shown by our students. It is clear they are proud of their school.

Providing high quality support and development for all is paramount. We invest in our staff and their well-being and also students have access to a range of key people to support their personal development – trained counsellors, a youth worker, careers advisers, family outreach worker, and leaders of learning.

We are the lead school within the Castle Phoenix Multi Academy Trust. Hill Farm Primary School, Richard Lee Primary School, and Foxford Community School, Coventry and Kingsbury Secondary School, Warwickshire are partners within our Trust. We benefit from gaining greater awareness of the standards expected within primary schools so that transition to secondary is further improved.

Parents and carers are very important to us and we offer opportunities throughout the year for them to gain more insights into how best to help their children.

Caludon Castle is a fast paced learning community and an exciting place to be! You are always welcome to find out more.

Kind regards

Chief Executive, The Castle Phoenix Trust and Headteacher of Caludon Castle School

Associate Head and Head of Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance