Student Leadership

Live, Learn, Lead

Building future leaders is a key priority at Caludon Castle School and we are very proud of our student leader body. At Caludon we have a committed group of student leaders who are professional, articulate and enthusiastic and, no matter the task, they always rise to the challenge.  

Being a student leader at Caludon aligns directly with the Trust’s ambitions and facilitates students’ confidence, aspiration, oracy and resilience, which help make our student leaders stand out from the crowd and create a sense of belonging. Therefore, this pathway is an integral aspect of Caludon life because we wish to broaden horizons and empower our students with vital skills for the future. 


  • To enjoy collaborating in partnership with staff towards shared goals and values.  Our students have worked directly with senior leaders on our motto “respect to all, from all” and what respectful behaviour look like.  
  • To enable creativity to flourish from the wealth of shared experiences, ideas, skills and sense of fun that being a student leader brings. We are working increasingly Trust-wide to learn from each other about student leadership and also, excitingly, looking into further opportunities for our students to collaborate and share experiences from other schools in our Trust.  
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff at Caludon Castle School. Our Year 7 student leadership team always enjoy a team building event which develops a further sense of community beyond their year group and also teaches the importance of how to communicate effectively with others.  Furthermore, our student leadership body is working closely with staff to raise awareness of the UN Convention of the rights of a child by creating resources to work towards accreditation for the Rights Respecting School  

There are three different pathways of Student Leadership at Caludon

  1. Senior Student Leaders 

Students are given the opportunity to apply for Senior Student Leadership roles when they enrol in Year 12. We welcome applications from both those who were previous Year 11 Caludon Castle students and those, joining us from other institutions. This is a demanding role as learners are expected to balance this role while fulfilling the required standards of A Level learners.  

During their time as Senior Student Leaders, they are required to work closely with the Headteacher and meet with her on a regular basis. They discuss the school priorities and Senior Student Leaders work with the wider Caludon Castle community in supporting the implementation of strategies that help support the ‘vision’.  

Alongside the above, Senior Student Leaders partake in the interviewing of perspective new members of staff to Caludon Castle. Additionally, they are required to support on events that help to promote the school such as Open Evening and Parents Evenings.  

  1. Student leaders 

Student leaders from years 7-11 who wear a red badge play a very important role at Caludon because we firmly believe that every student at Caludon is entitled to have their voice heard. We regularly ask upon our student leaders to share their thoughts about learning and teaching at Caludon, with a further challenge of presenting their findings to visitors and senior leaders.  

Furthermore, our student leaders also regularly lead tours of the school and with enthusiasm are able to showcase what Caludon is like for our students.  

  1. Faculty Leaders 

Faculty Student Leaders from years 7-11 have a passion and special interest for a faculty and can be identified as wearing a yellow badge. Faculty student leaders have a wide range of roles and responsibilities such as assisting with the quality assurance process, creating resources for the faculty, representing the faculty at open evenings and also representing their faculty in student panels because they have a vested interest in being taught by the best teachers and we value their opinions.