Student Learning

Student Learning

Student learning is at the heart of everything we do at Caludon Castle School: all displays are focussed on how to be an outstanding learner; we have varied learning areas, called collaborative learning spaces, which facilitate creative learning in groups. Our vision is to raise the achievement and self-esteem of our learners, through fostering their curiosity in a supportive, co-operative environment.

We are a very good school. This has resulted in our accreditation as a National Teaching School. We are the most over-subscribed school in the city. Our priorities this year, therefore, are to embed and capitalise on our vision, successes and innovations, whilst securing great teaching for all.

Our mantra for this year continues to be:

‘Teaching to the top’

This will be achieved in a supportive, co-operative environment in a number of ways and will ensure that all students will be challenged in their learning. Effective scaffolding is carefully planned for so that all students have no ceiling to their learning.  See the Learning and Teaching Policy for more details.

We strive to intrigue our young people, so that they become passionate about learning, therefore all of our key learning foci are framed around fostering their curiosity. We do this through developing the key learning foci of: modelling; explanation; challenge; practice; advanced questioning; feedback and reflection on their learning. We refer to these key foci as the 6Ps (the six principles of great teaching) and they help to ensure that the standard of teaching is as high as it can be.

Challenge so that students have high expectations of what they can achieve.

Explanation so that students acquire new knowledge and skills.

Modelling so that students are able to apply their new knowledge and skills.

Questioning so that students think hard with depth, breadth and accuracy.

Feedback so that students think about and further develop their knowledge and skills.

Students engage in the deliberate practice and application of their knowledge and skills.

Our learners’ experience can be further enhanced by empowering them to control  elements of their learning through blending resources, including technology, and ensuring that teaching focuses on deep, long lasting learning. We are using the language of the 5Csto further equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed in the modern world. The Cs focus on ensuring that the quality of learning is high and they are as follows;

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Connections
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

These two strands complement each other well and we are continuing to work with staff and students to ensure that we are nurturing both independent and co-operative learners, but in everything we do, learning is key.