Literacy at Caludon


At Caludon Castle, we are committed to ensuring that all students have the confidence and skills to read, speak and write with fluency and accuracy. These skills are needed across the whole curriculum and have a significant impact on both attainment and wellbeing. 


  • Strategies for reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition are embedded across the curriculum. Our ‘Reading for Meaning’ steps are based on research into reciprocal reading and are designed to help students unlock challenging texts through prediction, activation of prior learning, questioning, clarifying vocabulary, and summary. The steps are applicable to all subjects and provide a unified approach. 
  • We have invested in training from the oracy charity Voice 21 and are excited to broaden the range of speaking and listening strategies and utilise the Oracy Framework as a measure of oracy skills. 

    We recognise that literacy is key to learning across the school and that each subject has its own vocabulary and ways of reading. Each faculty has a Literacy Ambassador to lead on the progression of disciplinary literacy, supported by the Literacy Coordinators, CPD, and measured through the school’s quality assurance programme.
  • Discussion, debate and other forms of spoken language are vital for learning and social skills, and opportunities for structured talk are embedded into lessons. For example, our Talking Points strategy provides students with scaffolds for formal debate, while the ‘Think, Pair, Share’ approach fosters both independent thought and the sharing of ideas.


  • Ask your child about the book they have chosen from the library or BorrowBox and listen to them read aloud, pausing to ask questions about the characters, settings, plots or information. 
  • Talk to your child about Bedrock Vocabulary and ask them which new words they have learned from using the programme. 
  • Encourage informal and enjoyable opportunities for writing at home, for example writing a diary, thank you letters or postcards.
  • Look out for book recommendations from our librarian, which will be shared in our newsletters, and ask your child which ones they are interested in and why.
  • When watching television or films, turn on the subtitles.
  • Use the Parent Portal on Firefly to check the home learning that teachers have set. Ask your child to explain the task to you and to identify any words that they need to look up. 
  • Engage in conversations and discussions so your child is developing turn-taking and listening skills, as well as the confidence to share their opinions and ideas and understand other people’s opinions and ideas too.
  • Have a look at our Sway on Supporting with Reading:

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