Parental Controls

After successful trials and in order to support our students, iPads in our 1:1 scheme will have some school management restrictions lifted at the weekends and during school holidays. In order that we are continuing to safeguard students, some restrictions will still be maintained, for example, social media apps and inappropriate web content will still be unavailable.

As a parent/carer, the responsibility for the use of the iPad will become yours. You will have the ability to control what apps are downloaded, the amount of time students can use the iPad for specific apps or altogether. It is easy to set up and can be controlled on any mobile phone (iPhone or android), or on the

We recommend that you set up the JAMF parent controls prior to the end of term to allow the opportunity for any technical difficulties to be resolved. Please email for technical support.
You will need to set up the parental/carer controls for a Caludon 1:1 device please

  • Download the ‘JAMF Parent’ app from your app store
  • Find the QR code on the device of the student following the steps below:

Select the JAMF student app

Press the sidebar symbol in the top left, then press the profile picture.

Click on “Authorize Parent” to display the QR code

  • Use the short guidance video here to connect the student’s iPad –
  • You can now adjust settings for the student iPad such as apps that are allowed, duration of use for individual apps and the iPad overall.

If you would like additional guidance to use elements in the app this can be found here:

A reminder that the only way students can download apps themselves is by putting in their ‘home’ Apple ID in the app store, rather than their assigned school one. If you would like the student to be able to make a purchase, either in app or on the app store, the Apple ID would need to be linked to a payment method. This is not a facility we set up for students and their Caludon Apple ID does not allow purchases to be made.