Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Sarah Kenrick
Deputy Headteacher: Mr Steve Carter
Deputy Headteacher: Miss Victoria McManus
Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss Katie Owen
SENDCO & Senior Assistant Headteacher: Ms Louise Graham
Senior Assistant Headteacher: Ms Steff Hutchinson
Senior Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Rachel Mitchell

Pastoral Strategic Leaders

Mrs Laura Oldham: Assistant Headteacher, Year 7 & 8

Mrs Anna Orchard: Director of Pastoral Care, Year 7 & 8

Ms Lindsay James: Assistant Headteacher, Year 9

Mr Howard Stokes: Assistant Headteacher, Year 10

Mr Steve Frankish: Director of Pastoral Care, Year 11

Mrs Sarah Carter: Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form

Mr Andrew Morgan: Assistant Headteacher, Senior Mental Health Leader

Mrs Debbie Lakin: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Quality of Education Leaders

Ms Jo Webb: Assistant Headteacher

Mr Nick Buckingham: Assistant Headteacher

Miss Kathy Howell: Ambition Lead for Reading and Oracy

Mr Ollie Riding: Ambition Lead for Creative Learning (Digital Literacy)

Miss Kate Rogers: Assistant Headteacher, Director of ITT

Faculty Leaders

Miss Jodie Pettipher: English

Mr Ollie Riding: Maths

Miss Louisa Miller: Assistant Headteacher, Science

Mrs Kay Ashby: Technology

Mr Michael Waine: Sport

Mrs Alison McDougall: Performing and Visual Arts

Mrs Samantha Beasley: Humanities

Mrs Jessica Sutheran: Social Studies