Student Challenge

At Caludon, we challenge students to recognise and realise their potential in a range of different areas, from high academic outcomes to sporting prowess and from active citizenship to artistic excellence. They are supported in this through our strategy of ‘Teaching o The Top’ and also through our focus on CODE (Challenge, Ownership, Dialogue and Engagement). Challenge is one of our key 6 principles of teaching and learning focused on in every classroom.

High Prior Attainers (HA)

We believe that all our students can demonstrate great potential and be highly successful. High Prior Student Attainers (known as HA)  are identified through KS2 SATs scores of 109+ for Reading and Maths (or high CAT scores in COVID affected years). They are stretched by the careful construction and delivery of a challenging curriculum which focuses on progression of learning and cultivating independence and ownership. HA students will be given target bands aiming for GCSE grades 8-9 or in some cases, 6-7. They are supported to achieve challenging targets through quality first teaching as well as a range of enrichment opportunities including STEM club and outreach programmes with universities. We aim to stretch, challenge and extend our young people to secure in-depth thinking and learning and advanced skills for learning.

There are also many students who demonstrate a particular flair or enthusiasm for a certain subject or subjects, or who have specific, demonstrable skills, knowledge and understanding, which they may even use to represent the school or an outside organisation. These students often become Subject Ambassadors within our student leadership programme.

We realise that some students have interests and passions that cover areas of the curriculum, and so sometimes come across skills, concepts and knowledge that they already know. The majority of learning opportunities at Caludon therefore also includes ‘Think Hard’ or a ‘TIF’ (Take It Further). ‘Take It Further’ is an alternative task used by teachers to the main task so that all students are challenged. The aim is to take the ceiling off the learning, so there are no limits to progress. ‘Think Hard’ is about deepening thinking and ensuring students answer and ask challenging questions about their learning. Subject leaders ensure that ‘TIF’ and ‘Think Hard’ strategies are embedded in the curriculum to challenge students.

Outside of lessons, Caludon offers a range of extra-curricular activities for High Attainers. These include a very successful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club, intra- and inter-school competitions and a range of trips and opportunities. In addition, we run a TED Talk Club for interested KS3 students who are planning their own TED Talk for an end of year event. These students are rewarded with a trip to Oxford University.

As always, the involvement of parents/carers in supporting the learning and progress of our young people is invaluable to enable our able young people to fulfil their potential and inspire those around them to do the same.

Passion For Learning

At Caludon, we are determined that success should not only be measured in academic outcomes. Whilst this is extremely important, we recognise that our young people have a huge array of skills and interests which should be celebrated alongside academic success. We have, for example, a strong culture of participation in a wide variety of sports and the arts and have vibrant and exciting extra-curricular opportunities for students to further develop these talents.

Many of our students pursue their interests outside of school and are members of a wide variety of clubs and organisations, showing a true passion for extending their own learning and achievement. We are so proud that we have city, regional and even national champions at our school and want to ensure that the time, energy and commitment that goes into achieving these goals is recognised.

We strongly encourage our students with a passion for learning to inspire and encourage their peers to develop and excel, in order to create an ethos of celebration and positivity around success. Passion for Learning is addressed not only through subject lessons but also through the school assembly programme.