Student Challenge

Student Challenge 1

AIM (Able and Inspired Minds)

At Caludon we challenge students to recognise and realise their potential in a range of different areas, from high academic outcomes to sporting prowess and from active citizenship to artistic excellence. They are supported in this through the AIM (Able and Inspired Minds) framework, the underlying principle of which lies in aspirational expectations.

AIM students are those who demonstrate great potential to be highly successful. Once identified, we support AIM students through a range of different learning and extra-curricular activities, as well as monitoring and personalised intervention strategies. Through these, we aim to stretch, challenge and extend our young people to secure in-depth thinking and learning and advanced skills for learning.

We realise that some students have interests and passions that cover areas of the curriculum, and so sometimes come across skills, concepts and knowledge that they already know. Every learning opportunity at Caludon therefore also includes a ‘TIF’ – a way to Take It Further so that all students are challenged. The aim is to take the ceiling off the learning, so there are no limits to progress.

At Caludon we aim to nurture the skills and interests of all students and to inspire a passion for learning. Students who are targeted to achieve 5 or more of the top levels or grades are identified as our High Attainers. These are not the only students supported by the AIM programme and TIF activities, however.  There are also many students who demonstrate a particular flair or enthusiasm for a certain subject or subjects, or who have specific, demonstrable skills, knowledge and understanding, which they may even use to represent the school or an outside organisation. These students often become Subject Ambassadors within our student leadership programme.

As always, the involvement of parents/carers in supporting the learning and progress of our young people is invaluable and the AIM project is centred around student-school-home interaction to enable our able, talented young people to fulfil their potential and inspire those around them to do the same.