Enrichment | Work Experience


In Year 12 enrichment is compulsory and gives the students the opportunity to take part in an activity which benefits the local community, be that the school or beyond. In recent years students have completed their enrichment in a variety of locations including local schools, with local charities, youth groups and sports centers.  Students must complete 30 hours during the year, however most students complete many more than this.


Year 12 students also complete a week’s work experience which allows students to develop work skills, explore potential career options and, for those students considering an apprenticeship, can often lead to job offers.  We are proud of our work experience offering and students rightly value the week with over 95% of students completing external work experiences, with the remaining students completing work experience in school working with faculties within their area of specialism.  In the last two years we have had students working in a wide variety of positions including hospitals, physiotherapists, virtual reality hubs, engineering centres, schools to name but a few.  Students also often take the opportunity to complete work experience outside of the local area with students travelling around the UK and even abroad.

The careers page on Firefly has lots more information to help select a work experience placement and additional information about Careers in general.