Year 11



During this crucial year students will be guided by the Year 11 team:

  • Mrs Maroke (Year Leader)
  • Mr Stokes (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr Carter (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Ms Dudgeon (Associate Headteacher)
  • Mrs Mitchell (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr Davoille (Year 11 Progress Leader)

The students are also supported by their tutor.

The students are also supported by their tutor.


An excellent attendance record is important to ensure success at Caludon. We expect all students to achieve at least 95% attendance. Holidays during term time are not authorised.


All students attend school in full uniform. Students should wear a white shirt; clip on Caludon tie, black blazer (with Caludon badge), black trousers and plain black shoes or trainers. Some girls choose to wear a black skirt which must be knee length and not figure hugging. Year 11 students are permitted to wear a subtle/discreet application of make-up, including: eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blusher and lip colour. The following are NOT allowed: false eyelashes, nail polish of any description, nail extensions/acrylics etc.

The Curriculum 

All students at Caludon follow a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

Graduation and Rewards

We look forward to seeing our students at their Year 11 Prom however their behaviour, attendance, punctuality and progress needs to be positive in this very important year.


The school is committed to learning outside the classroom. Therefore a number of trips and visits are organised to extend students’ knowledge and deepen their understanding.