A Level Product Design

EDUQAS Product Design Year 12

The course is underpinned by a series of short design and make projects to further develop knowledge and understanding of materials, processes, clients and analysis.

EDUQAS Product Design Year 13

Students design and rigorous manufacture quality product embedding a wide range of knowledge and skills. The course is assessed as 50% coursework and 50% examination.

GCSE Design and Technology 


Year 10 and 11 Design and Technology 

The GCSE is made up of two components 50% coursework project and 50% examination. Students undertake one piece of coursework, comprising a client component one, a sketchbook documenting an iterative design process and the manufacture of a high quality product.

Design Technology is an opted subject in year 9. There is a need for students to develop the skills of a designer through CAD design, development and manufacture stages. Students will complete a design and manufacture project in graphic/ resistant materials, gaining a full appreciation of the design process which will aid a transition into KS4/GCSE.

Hospitality and Catering

Year 10

In year 10 students learn about the hospitality and catering industry, they prepare for the written exam which is taken at the end of year 10. The practical focuses on skills for use in the year 11 NEA.

Year 11

In year 11 students learn about nutrition, cooking methods and individual needs. Students develop their skills to produce meals that address the requirements of the brief.

Food preparation and nutrition


Throughout year 10 students are learning about the different food commodities, sustainability, food safety, the science behind cooking, factors affecting food choices and nutrition.


Students develop practical skills throughout the year and along with the theory use in their two pieces of NEA (non exam assessment) work in year 11.

KS3 Design and Technology

Year 7 Design and Technology

The emphasis here is upon the students gaining manufacturing skills. The students will learn how to use wood, metal, plastic and will use hand tools and some machinery to produce a laminated desk product.

Year 7 Food

The emphasis here is upon developing students’ knowledge of nutrition, food provenance and practical skills. Students complete a range of focused practical tasks and have the opportunity to make their own food product. The emphasis will be on healthy eating and fruits and vegetables. Links to food science will be explored throughout year 7.

Year 8 Food

Students will complete practical and theory work to develop their knowledge and understanding of food science and nutrition. The theme is staple foods and students will learn about rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. Emphasis will be on nutrition, developing practical food skills, understanding food provenance, making quality products and deepening knowledge of the underlying science.

Year 8 Design and Technology

Students will learn to apply a range of CAD, graphic and resistant material skills using a range of equipment to design and manufacture a product, whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of the lamination process.

Year 9 Design and Technology

At this stage students have opted to take resistant materials and so take 2 lessons a week. They will complete a design project on solar lights which teaches students professional drawing skills 3rd angle orthographic projection and isometric. A great emphasis is put on developing CAD skills and manufacturing a quality product.

Year 9 Food

Students will focus on a range of food commodities, eggs, fish, and dairy. #they will learn a wide range of food skills including pastry making, knife skills, piping, icing, garnishing and sauce making. They will learn to produce high quality food products. Building on from year 8, they will deepen their understanding of the functions of ingredients in recipes learning how foods thicken and set. They will examine nutrients in greater detail, developing the knowledge and understanding of the functions and sources of a wide range of macro and micro nutrients. They will examine the province of common food commodities and the associated issues. They will complete a module on hospitality and catering to prepare for options.

Year 9 Design Technology and Food

At this stage students have opted to take a combination of resistant materials and food, so they take 2 lessons a week. They will complete a design project on solar lights which develops professional drawing skills using 3rd angle orthographic projection and isometric.
Students will learn a range of food skills and will learn how to produce high quality food products. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of the functions of ingredients and nutrition. They will learn about some food commodities, the correlating nutrients and the provenance of these foods.