Curriculum 2019-2020

Our student-centred curriculum is designed to engage learners and promote a love of learning beyond the curriculum. It aims to lead to positive outcomes for all students, helping them develop as individuals and work towards future aspirations, whilst engaging them in the learning process. Our curriculum strives to offer the flexibility needed to address a student’s particular or additional needs in a creative way.

In years 7 and 8, students experience the full range of subjects, giving them a broad and balanced foundation for their learning. They are already involved in shaping their curriculum through the choice of modern foreign language studied and are able to opt to study a second language in year 8.

In year 9 students are encouraged to influence their own learning further, by making choices in some curricular areas with the aim of increasing their motivation. This prepares them for the process of opting for the courses to study towards external examinations in years 10 and 11. We want students to realise their full potential and they are guided through choosing the best four subjects for them to study, in addition to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and PE.

In the sixth form, students following a level 3 course (A levels and equivalent) will usually opt for 3 subjects. They are supported by the sixth form team to choose an individual programme of study, which will give them the best chance of success, enjoyment and future opportunities. We also offer a one year course for students, who need to retake Maths and/or English.

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English 4 Maths 3 Science 3
French or Spanish 2 History 2 Drama 1
Art 1 Geography 2 Music 1
PE 3 IT 1 Food Technology 1
Extra Literacy for some in lieu of 1 Hi & 1 Gg Resistant Materials & Citizenship carousel 1
   TOTAL 25


English 4 Maths 4 Science 3
French or Spanish (as studied in Year 7) 2 History 2 Geography 2
Art 1 Drama 1 PE 2
Resistant Materials/Creative learning
1 IT /Food technology carousel 1 Music 1
Philosophy 1 MFL 2/Literacy 2 for some
    TOTAL  25


Core subjects:
English 4 Maths 4 Science 3
Philosophy 1 IT 1 PE 2
 (2 periods each) from:Choice of 5 options (Humanities, Technology, Expressive Arts, Languages)
History Geography History and Geography
Art Music Dance Drama
Art and Drama Drama and Music Spanish French
Textiles Food Technology Food Technology and Textiles Design Technology Food Technology & Design Technology

15 Core
10 Options
25 Total


Core Subjects
English 4 Maths 4
Science 4 PE 1
Choice of 4 options
Art and Design Photography
Business Media Studies
Drama Triple Sciences
French Sociology
Geography Spanish
Health and Social Care Food Preparation and Nutrition
History Design & Technology
Creative iMedia Sport
Music Hospitality and catering

13 Core
12 Options
25 Total

 YEAR 11

English 4 Maths 4
Science 4 PE 1

Continue with 4 option choices from Year 10

Art and Design Music
Business Philosophy and Ethics
Drama Computer Science
French Triple Sciences
Geography Sociology
Health and Social Care Spanish
History Sport
Creative iMedia Hospitality and catering
Media Studies Design & Technology
Photography Food Preparation and Nutrition

13 Core
12 Options
25 Total

YEAR 12 AND 13: courses running at Caludon Sept 2019

Course Qual Year Course Qual Year
Art AS&A 12/13 Core Mathematics AS only 12
Biology AS&A 12/13 Mathematics AS&A 12/13
Business BTEC 12/13 Media AS&A 12/13
Chemistry AS&A 12/13 Music BTEC level 3 BTEC 12/13
Drama A 12/13 Philosophy AS&A 12/13
Economics AS&A 12/13 Photography AS&A 12/13
English Literature A 12/13 Physics AS&A 12/13
English Language A 13 Psychology AS&A 12/13
Eng Lang/Lit A 12/13 Science BTEC 12/13
French AS&A 12/13 Sociology  AS&A 12/13
Further Maths AS&A 12/13 Spanish AS&A 12/13
Geography AS&A 12/13 Sport BTEC level 3 BTEC 12
Health&Social  (Applied) AS&A 12/13 Technology A 13
History AS&A 12/13 Travel and Tourism BTEC 12/13

Full-time students need 540 hours during the year. As well as subject lessons, this includes:

Tutor time, mentoring, assembly, enrichment (students do 25 hours during Year 12), exam revision, Skills lessons and a week’s work experience.

Students in year 12 all do one hour a week of Skills, which includes skills for sixth form study; current affairs and developing cultural capital and the opportunity to do a MOOC or an EPQ.