Creativity and Culture

Creativity and Culture are the backbone of a civilized and educated society. Creativity drives innovation and education. Students who are creative and make links between subjects perform well in assessment and invariably succeed. Students immersed in different cultures have a better appreciation of the world. Caludon Castle actively engages students throughout their time with us to think on a cultural level and be creative at all times.

We celebrate creativity and display it prominently. We promote the creative subjects at all Key Stage Levels.




We will be able to work with professional cultural and creative sectors, inside and outside of school, to expose students to the very best performers and exhibitors.




Caludon Castle are working closely with Coventry City of Culture bid 2021. Every Yr7 and 8 Students has created their own Avatar to live in a webspace online celebrating Coventry City of Culture. We are pleased to announce that one of our students has won a signed Coventry City Football Club shirt for her entry to the Avatar world!

I would like to put on record my appreciation for Caludon Castle’s efforts in support of the City of Culture Bid.
As we seek to reach out into the community, having senior contacts in much-respected schools is of great value: I am particularly grateful to you for:

• Helping promote our avatar project
• Growing our social media following
• Creating the opportunity for PET-Xi to reach out to your pupils through an assembly
• Generally seeking to create a buzz about the Bid amongst our shared communities

As I think you know, I have worked as a fundraiser within the City for more than 25 years and being able to call upon much-respected and enthusiastic community leaders is fantastic – thank you!

Kind regards

Michael Mogan
Fundraising Director, Coventry 2021 –

Christmas Show

Every christmas Caludon Castle produces a large scale musical. This is a large commitment that only works through hard work, determination and perseverance from all staff and students who undertake the mission! Pleased click on our youtube channel links to watch previous operformances and see the quality shows that are produced.

Previous shows have included:

Grease – 2012


We Will Rock You – 2013


Wizard of Oz – 2014


Return to the Forbidden Planet – 2015


Little Shop of Horrors – 2016


School of Rock – 2017


A Musical Spin 2018