Technology and the online environment are constantly changing for staff and students. In order to best support the safety of all online Caludon subscribes to “National Online Safety” where all staff are required to complete extensive annual training around online protocols, this is further enhanced with bespoke training unique to additional responsibilities such as SENDCO and Safeguarding. Students online safety is robustly addressed as part of both the tutor programme and the KS3 IT curriculum. Students are supported in how to use technology safely and responsibly. They are given strategies to protect themselves online, how to manage online challenges should they occur and how to report concerns.

Technology is becoming highly integrated in classrooms at Caludon to enhance and transform learning along with offering a broad range of accessibility support to students and parents. Our aspirational 1:1 device strategy continues to build towards our vision of developing resilient and self-reliant learners working in conjunction with parents to support students with the use of technology. We use the JAMF parental and school portals to support the management of our apple technology.

If a student has a concern at Caludon they can email safe@caludoncastle.co.uk which will go directly to a member of the safeguarding team.

As a parent/carer it can be hard to know how best to support students as they navigate an online presence. Below are a range of targeted support websites that can offer strategies to support both students and parents/carers.

For any further support or questions please contact helpdesk@caludoncastle.co.uk who will direct your query in the most appropriate way.