Reading at Caludon

Our Vision and Aims:

‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’

  • Developing reading to unlock the world for our learners.
  • To encourage reading for pleasure and to develop reading to learn skills, so students can access a range of texts confidently at school and in their future.


  • Our library is at the very heart of the school and is constantly updated to include the latest novels, graphic novels and non-fiction. It is an inclusive space that champions reading for pleasure as well as providing resources to support students with home learning.
  • The library is both a school and public library (Coventry Libraries Service) and is open to the public several evenings each week and on Saturdays. Parents and guardians are very welcome to visit and take out a library card.
  • Year 7 and 8 visit the library every two weeks with their English teacher and the library is open to all other year groups before school, during break and lunchtimes and after school.
  • The free BorrowBox library app is an extension to the library and provides access to ebooks and audiobooks to enjoy from a digital device.
  • Special celebratory events throughout the year, including World Book Day, encourage both staff and students to engage in reading for enjoyment and share recommendations. We welcome authors into school, host book swaps, and run competitions (even a Great Bookish Bake Off) that are all designed to highlight the benefits of reading. 
  • We invest in BookBuzz each year to ensure that every student in Year 7 can choose a book of their own (at no cost to them) from a recommended list of new titles.


  • We recognise that some students find reading and writing particularly challenging and need some extra support.
  • Our Literacy for Learning lessons are designed to build vocabularies, teach strategies for accessing challenging reading, develop writing, and encourage speaking with confidence. All of Year 7 have a weekly Literacy for Learning lesson, while smaller groups of students are supported in Years 8 and 9.
  • All Year 7 and 8 students will have access to Bedrock Vocabulary, a digital learning platform which adapts to their independent needs to identify, teach and practise a fantastic range of new vocabulary that can be applied across the different subjects. Bedrock is part of Literacy for Learning lessons, tutor lessons, and home learning. Students earn points for their engagement with Bedrock and throughout the year we will run a number of competitions to reward excellent effort and progress.
  • Our sixth form students support Year 7s with reading fluency through our Reading Buddies programme, meeting their buddies once per week to listen to them read.
  • Reading progress is tracked for KS3 intervention groups using the New Group Reading Tests, with the results and recommended strategies shared with all staff and used to update IEPs. 
  • Some students need additional support with phonetic awareness and small groups follow the Read, Write, Inc. Fresh Start Programme.
  • Students have access to iPads to help support them in their Literacy. For example using ‘Immersive Reader’ to hear the text on screen being read aloud, or to change the screen’s background colour to help make the text easier to read.