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In September 2014 as a school we upgraded our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to a new system called Firefly. Students and staff have been using this so far this academic year and now we are moving the parent facilities to this new system. You can use Firefly to access information about your child’s timetables, home learning tasks and, in time, assessment and reporting data.

To log in you will use the email address you have previously provided to school for contact purposes. If there are any problems logging in, or you would like to provide us with a new email contact, please email:


For safeguarding purposes please provide in this email your full name, and your child’s full name, tutor group and tutor’s name.

In your browser (on any device, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc), go to the Parent Portal:




Why when I have typed in Firefly to Google does the login seem to be for another school?

Firefly is an international company with many schools all around the world. Therefore if you type Firefly into Google it will not link to the Caludon Castle login because each school has its own login page. Please always to the Caludon Castle School Portal page to login to Firefly or follow this link: https://caludoncastle.fireflycloud.net/

I want to support my child but there seems a lot of tasks on Firefly and it’s overwhelming. How do I manage this?

Given that all parents/ carers and students are in very different circumstances currently staff have been asked to provide a range of work for students to complete when they are able to. We understand for some parents checking on the work this can seem overwhelming however you are able to filter the tasks that have been set. This will give you a better idea of what you might want to complete each day and when the suggested due date is:


How do we submit work to the teacher? Should we email it?

Always use Firefly to submit work. Do not email staff directly, don’t worry if you already have. You submit work but going to the task and clicking add file. Click here for guidance:


What if we don’t understand something about the task?

To make things easier for students and staff there is “add comments” button next to each task where you can ask the teacher about individual tasks:


We don’t have a printer at home how do we submit the work?

You don’t need to have a printer at home. If you take a picture on any phone you can submit the picture of the work. It is easier on a phone to do this through the app:

iPhone: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/students/app/ios/tasks/responding-to-tasks
Android: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/students/app/android/tasks/responding-to-tasks

Even if you don’t have a phone or tablet which can take a picture, any camera image can be uploaded as work submission just like any other file.

The Firefly app is asking for a school code what is this?

The school code is: CALUDONCASTLE
It is all one word no spaces.

We are trying to structure our days, how do I find timetables?

Firefly has a planner linked to the normal school timetable. Therefore is you want to follow the work which would normally be completed on each day you can. All of the tasks are also linked to the lessons.
Find out more here: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/students/planner

I want to log in as parent, how do I do this?

You can follow this instructions here:

Your email has already been linked to any student you have parental responsibility for. The email you use to log in with is the one you have given us as your contact email.

How do I check tasks set to the student(s) linked to me?

You can easily do this either online or through the apps on your phone or tablet. You can check the progress of work being completed and see what work has been submitted.

How can I see if a teacher has sent me a message?