A stunning set of results for our hardworking students at Caludon this year! We are very proud of our year 11 for their attitude to managing a challenging couple of GCSE years, following significant disruption to their education in years 8 and 9.

The results our students have achieved are ones to be proud of; in particular we are delighted by strong results in our core of English and Maths, complemented with excellent outcomes in a broad range of subjects including 26% at grades 7+ in History, 38% grades 7+ in Photography, and 28% grades 7+ in Photography and 38% grade distinction+ in Health and Social Care.

Some notable individual achievements include Jamie Graham who achieved 9 grade 9s (Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics)Angela Johnson who achieved 6 grade 9s (Art, Photography, Chemistry, DT, Maths and Physics) and is relocating to Australia. Rose Kandala who achieved 5 grade 8s or 9s (English Lit, English Lang, French, History and Spanish), also relocating but to Canada. Timi Afuwape achieved 4 grade 9s (Chemistry, Maths, Physics and History) heading to study at 6th form, Daniel Hambidge 4 grade 8s or 9s + L2D, Lauren Smith who gained grade 8 or 9 in everything, and Amelia Sutherland who gained 4 grade 9s (English Lang, History, Maths, Spanish); all staying at Caludon 6th form. A number of our students are also moving into specialist careers such as electrical installation, football, health care and e-sports and gaming design.

Congratulations to all of our students, staff and families! Whilst there is much to celebrate on this results day these results are just a fraction of what has been achieved by our young people over the last few years. Seeing our students develop into the respectful, kind and confident young adults they have become is our greatest reward.