MUSICAL CHALLENGES: Challenges 2 & 3

Watch 7.6 students as they take part in the music departments second TikTok challenge. What a talented tutor group they are!

Musical Challenge 3:

Black Lives Matter: Create your own rap or song, or write a poem and read it with a backing track. DEADLINE – Friday, 26th June.

As a school we believe it is important that our students understand their lives within the context of the world around them and current affairs. Black Lives Matter has been in the news a lot recently following the death of George Floyd; he was a black man from Minneapolis who died after a white policeman was videoed with his knee on his neck, while he struggled to breathe. With protests happening across the world, including here in the UK, it seems fitting that we, as a school community, should come together for our voice to be heard.

This is a musical challenge that allows us to think about the issues raised by these recent events.

Fleur’s response, ‘Rap Roulette’, has been described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘powerful’ (click here to see). It contains incredibly powerful lyrics such as, “People fear for their lives through the shade they were painted / Can you see the picture has been tainted?”

If you’re able to take up this challenge, we would love to see/hear your performance. Please send us the video or the audio file.