NEWS: Languages Squad Take 2

Thursday saw the return of the Languages Squad, but this time with a group of Y8 Spanish students who put their linguistic knowledge to good use.

They had to decode a Spanish recipe so that they could follow instructions to make the best and most elegant tapas they could.

In groups, with exactly the same ingredients, the Languages Squad set off to make traditional tapas in the most creative way. Students were adventurous with their designs and their flavours, and we saw an array of designs and concoctions.

After the Bake Off style stress, the tapas were judged on their elegance and uniqueness. The winner was a tapa with a rose shaped piece of chorizo!

The Languages Squad then had the enviable task of eating their tapas and trying new Spanish foods (some of which went down better than others!) It was a great success and fantastic way for students to learn Spanish and its culture outside of the classroom.

We look forward to the next Languages Squad event soon.

¡Bien hecho a todos los participantes!
Mr. Ricketts.