UGANDA 2018 BLOG: Toilets and tag

At Family Primary School, the morning began with handing over a couple of laptops to the Head and Deputy Head – they were very pleased and appreciative.

Three of us then continued the painting of the toilet block while Miss K and two others conducted literacy lessons.

Painting was focused and fast and, through no fault of their own, the painting team found themselves exhausted and unable to think straight and began painting each other – brushstrokes and compromising hand prints abounded. Towards the end of lunch break we played ‘fruit salad’ with the pupils. This speedily dissolved into happy chaos with children running everywhere screaming.

In the afternoon the whole team combined forces to finish off the painting with Simon, the Headteacher, adding the final touch.

Laptops were also presented at Kiddawalime School and, again, were very much appreciated.


One side of the playground then saw a number of groups enjoying a series of parachute games. On the other half of the playground a super excited set of groups played Traffic Lights, Simon Says, Duck-Duck-Goose, Sharks and Fishes, and What’s the time Mr Wolf – great fun.

After a lunchtime of chilling with students we played Molkky with the teachers. We had lots of students spectating and cheering on the participants. It was good to get to know the staff a bit better.

Owen and Amy