UGANDA 2018 BLOG: The big day

Finally, the big day had arrived! Five schools from across the city competed against each other in a tremendous sports tournament, playing tag rugby, football, end ball, rounders and volleyball.


We were blown away by the children’s skill, across all of the games, and their team spirit. One memorable moment was when Family Primary school scored their winning goal during an end ball match, and everyone jumped around in celebration.

Not forgetting the teachers, at lunch we played a football match against some of the staff (who were more feisty than the kids!). In the end we drew but really enjoyed getting involved in the tournament.

Today we also made new friends in between matches; we sang with the children and had a dance competition – thanks for the speaker, Sam!

We all decided to make our own game… piggy back races! Our “strength” was put to shame when we realised that 8 year olds could carry us better than we could carry them. At the end of the day all of us girls got our hair intricately plaited; it was then time to leave.

Everyone had an amazing day which made us all winners!

Niamh and Sophia x