NEWS: Skype with an extraordinary man

On Tuesday 7th February a group of Citizenship and Philosophy students took part in a skype session with an extraordinary man. David Tuck, is an 88 year old Jewish man born in Poland (now living in the USA). Life drastically changed for him on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. He was 10 years old. By December he was forced to wear an armband and then a yellow Star of David.

See the gallery and further information below:

David was deported, with other skilled workers to Auschwitz where he arrived on August 25, 1943. He worked in a sub-camp of Auschwitz called Eintrachthütte in a factory building anti-aircraft guns.

In January 1945, David was deported on a train to Mauthausen in Austria, a brutal 370-mile trip over four days. To survive, he scooped snow from the ground using a tin cup tied to his belt.

During the skype conversation students got to hear about David’s experiences in the concentration camps, how his time there affected his life, and ask him questions about his life today.

It was an amazing experience for everyone involved, David made the horror of the Holocaust come back to life and revealed a reality for those who are too young to remember the devastation the Nazi’s caused.

“Don’t think this couldn’t happen again…because it could! That power is in your hands.”