AFRICA INSPIRES: Wednesday’s midweek reflection

The halfway point on my Africa Inspires adventure has hit me hard. Already I have learnt so much, but feel that, as the week’s end is approaching, I do not have enough time to gain and give as much as I want to and can do.

The constant high spirits of the children that I’m working and playing with is something that I extremely admire. I feel humbled to be around these children (some so young) that literally live on the silver lining of their very stormy clouds. How can they, who have so little in comparison to us, be constantly smiling when a lot of us moan about the littlest of things?

This has been one of the happiest times of my life. I haven’t once stopped smiling. I am learning to be more generous, more willing, a stronger character and an assertive teacher! Despite the playtimes, I am really learning how hard it is to control a class!

I’m constantly surrounded by people who are eager to share their joy and who can’t get enough of a good selfie!


Finally, I feel like we, as a group, have had the best and worst brought out in us. We’ve been pushed out of our comfort zones and I can honestly say that I am so glad that I made the decision to come here; when you can work together and have a laugh with people when you’re sweaty, dusty, smelly and tired, then you know that you’ve made a bunch of firm friends.

Gabbie x