AFRICA INSPIRES: It’s all together different

It’s so hard to describe the sensory overload one experiences when arriving in an entirely different country. There are people carrying mobile phones, coca cola is drunk to ease the heat of a sunny day, cars are driven on the correct side of the road and so the similarities continue.


And yet it’s altogether different.

There are road systems to challenge Coventry’s ring road but there’s no aggression, people ride bicycles but they ride them with purpose, carrying loads of bananas or a large metal cylinder, motorbikes (known locally as ‘bodas’) are everywhere and can regularly be seen carrying 3 people.

 And, while Brits tend to look down and in, Ugandans tend to look up and out – Ugandans are open and sociable and welcoming while in UK we appear to feel the need to protect our emotional territory.


Apophia, at the Cassia Lodge reception, was predictably gracious and quick to smile and laugh.