The mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies for which we have a low regard. Malarone however, despite its unimaginative packaging and lack of sugary coating, we love. We swallowed our first ones today and will continue to do so, at precisely 08 hundred hours each morning for the next 18 days. It’s a kind of a Mrs Webb anti-malarial group hug activity.


Current state of affairs: bags are packed to bursting with footballs, tennis balls, pumps, books, whistles, dormitory bed blankets, rubber chickens etc. Check lists have been checked and checked again.

Passport – check
Yellow fever certificate – check
Plane tickets – check
Spare underwear – check
Camera – check
Dry wit and sporting prowess – check
Bad night’s sleep, fretting about what one might have forgotten to pack – still to come

I believe we are ‘good to go’.