C’NECT The Arts


‘Coventry North-East Collaborating Together’ (C’NECT) brought together schools across the age range to work with professional artists. The C’NECT The Arts project aimed to engage students in their learning, foster creativity and enhance student leadership; each project focused on one aspect of learning, such as writing, and helped students to make improvements in that aspect through the Arts.

C’NECT The Arts 2014


C’NECT The Arts this year brings together 7 schools from North East Coventry in one arts project. Focused around film-making the project aims to develop children’s writing and engagement with school. The project will culminate in a screening of students’ films at the Showcase Cinema on Wednesday 16th July.

Children from each of the schools involved – Caludon Castle, Clifford Bridge, Ravensdale, Sacred Heart, Sir Frank Whittle, Saints Peter and Paul, and Walsgrave CE – have been working with film and TV professional, Olly Bland, during the past three months.  Under his guidance they have selected stories, written film proposals and scripts, and filmed the footage required for their own short films. The films are now mostly at the editing stage, in preparation for the red carpet celebration of the project.

Not only will the Showcase event see all the children coming together to see each other’s films for the first time, but it will also feature an exhibition of their professionally printed film posters. Family and friends will be invited to the gala event, with each school’s screenings being introduced by the film-makers themselves.

Ravensdale’s deputy headteacher Jo Stanley talked about the impact of the project. Of one boy who had previously lacked enthusiasm, she said: “The transformation is fantastic. He’s smiley and putting in the effort. He’s always stopping me and asking me when our next session is. It’s great.’

This project follows last year’s successful art exhibition at the Roots Gallery, produced by children from 9 schools in the North East of Coventry working with professional artist Den Stanton. It is hoped that the schools can continue to share similar projects in the coming years.


Members of Staff involved:  Students involved:
Steff Hutchinson Edvasdas Eidukaitis Adam Tyler Doyle
Amber Gallagher Mitchell Gibson Jack Smith
Tara Pender Taylor Byrne Paige Morris
Ben Palma Britney Caka Erin Wilson
Naomi Reid Salmaan Shah
Michael McKee Jayan Bhambra
C'NECT Film Festival at the Showcase Cinema.

C’NECT Film Festival at the Showcase Cinema.


C’NECT The Arts 2013

Children from eight schools and a children’s centre in the North East of Coventry gathered at Coombe Abbey on Friday 5th July 2013 for a Party in the Park. This celebration marked the end of their C”NECT The Arts project.

The children also had a joint exhibition at the Roots Gallery in the city centre, showcasing the work they had produced over the previous few months with local artist Denise Stanton. At Coombe Abbey they created Art in the Park, using resources from the natural environment and biodegradable products. This was followed by a picnic and an awards ceremony.

C’NECT The Arts brought together Clifford Bridge Primary School, Caludon Castle School, Richard Lee Children’s Centre, Pearl Hyde Community Primary School, Ravensdale Primary School, Richard Lee Primary School, Stoke Park School, Stoke Primary School and Wyken Croft Primary School. C’NECT (Coventry North East Collaborating Together) is an on-going project that aims to develop children’s engagement with literacy, their confidence and their enjoyment of learning.

For this first year of the project the children worked with Denise Stanton in their individual schools to create art work based on a book or story they had selected. Art in the Park gave the children another opportunity to explore story-telling through visual art.

Mia, year 7, from Caludon Castle School commented on the work in her school: “It was amazing because we worked as a team.”

“We are delighted with how well this project has gone so far,” said Steff Hutchinson, Assistant Headteacher at Caludon Castle School. “The impact has been really positive. It‘s been obvious that the children have gained in confidence and have really enjoyed working with Denise. They were thrilled to see their work in a professional gallery, and really deserved the celebration of the project.”

The schools and centres involved are already discussing how the project can be extended next year.

C’NECT Exhibition