Graduation 2017-2018


Graduation is a motivational programme that was introduced to Caludon Castle School last year. Due to its huge success, we will be continuing the programme this year.

There are 2 key elements that students will have to complete. One is related to their effort, progress, behaviour and attendance; the other is related to their contribution to the school or wider community. If your child does not meet the criteria you will be contacted.

The first element means students must:

  • Have at least good attendance and punctuality
  • Achieve at least a Bronze award in their ATL grades
  • Have good behaviour at all times
  • Have at least 100 points per term to be able to join in with the graduation reward

For the second element students will complete the ‘Caludon Experience’ that will be monitored and encouraged by tutors, teachers and year leaders. The Caludon Experience offers a menu of opportunities designed to widen students’ learning and cultural experiences. Meeting all the criteria means they will join in with a year group celebration at the end of the school year.

Please see the table below for the rewards that will be taking place this year. Please note Year 11 students will be leaving school early on 19 December if they are successful in graduating.

Autumn – need to have 100 + points Spring – need to have 100 + points Summer – need to have 100 + points
Year 7 Selection box After school disco Benchball tournament
Year 8 Tutor parties Cone of sweets Graduation event
Year 9 Jump the queue pass Easter egg KS3 ceremony
Year 10 Carousel of activities Ice cream Theme park trip
Year 11 Wellbeing graduation – leave school early 19 Dec Grab a pizza slice for lunch Prom

The graduation programme helps to create a year identity, sense of achievement and success, and enables us to identify those that really need extra support with the key skills required throughout and beyond school life.

We look forward to rewarding your child for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.