Passion For Learning

Student Challenge 1

Through the AIM programme, TIF activities, and our desire to take the ceiling off the task, we aim to inspire a passion for learning in all students. We want to offer all students the opportunity to discover what inspires them, and what motivates them to succeed.

We have a PFL room, available for small groups of students to use both in and outside lessons. This room is also the base for the PFL activities, run by staff and students every lunchtime, where a diverse range of subject matter, often unrelated to the school curriculum, is explored and debated.

At Caludon we are determined that success should not only be measured in academic outcomes. Whilst this is extremely important, we recognise that our young people have a huge array of skills and interests, which should be celebrated alongside academic success. We have, for example, a strong culture of participation in a wide variety of sports and the arts and have vibrant and exciting extra-curricular opportunities for students to further develop these talents.
Many of our students pursue their interests outside of school and are members of a wide variety of clubs and organisations, showing a true passion for extending their own learning and achievement. We are so proud that we have city, regional and even national champions at our school and want to ensure that the time, energy and commitment that goes into achieving these goals is recognised. This can be done through the Caludon Experience Awards as part of the graduation programme.

We strongly encourage our students with a passion for learning to inspire and encourage their peers to develop and excel, in order to create an ethos of celebration and positivity around success.