High Attainers

Student Challenge 1

High Attainers are students who show great potential to achieve high level outcomes across a range of subjects. Identification of these students begins on entry to Caludon with those who achieved 109+ in English and Maths in Year 6. They will be expected to work in the Excellence or Securing band in most or all of their subjects.

High Attainers can expect to be challenged in their lessons, with high level activities intended to increase the depth and breadth of their understanding. They will be expected, for example, to undertake the TIF (Take It Further) activities in most lessons. Stretch, challenge and extension are a key part of learning and teaching at Caludon. In addition to the in-lesson focus, High Attainers are closely monitored to ensure that they are making appropriate levels of progress. If they do not, intervention strategies such as mentoring, small group work and peer coaching are employed to support them in their learning.

Outside of lessons, Caludon offers a range of extra-curricular activities for High Attainers. These include a very successful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club, intra- and inter-school competitions and a range of trips and opportunities such as the AIM Puzzle Day, the World Skills show and the Excellence Conference. In addition, from 2016 onwards, we have held an open competition for interested Y9 and Y10 students to take part in the Scholars Programme, working with a PhD researcher at a Russell Group university, such as Warwick University. Twelve students have been selected each year to take part. 97% of these students have graduated from the programme with a 1st or 2.1, equivalent to an AS level.