Subject Ambassadors

Student Challenge 1


Subject Ambassadors are passionate about their subject. They are enthusiastic about learning new things and solving problems. They demonstrate an eagerness to share their understanding with others and enjoy rising to new challenges.

What might a Subject Ambassador do?

  • Continue their learning outside of the classroom
  • Extend their learning by reading, watching and listening
  • Encourage, support and enthuse others to learn about the subject
  • Contribute to the promotion and development of the subject in and outside of school

Subject Ambassadors are students who show a flair, apparent ‘natural ability’ and/or commitment to a particular subject in school. They are those who are likely to read around the subject and find opportunities to learn about elements of the subject independently. Subject Ambassadors are self-selected or nominated by staff and/or their peers as inspirational individuals who can engender enthusiasm for the subject around the school. Subject Ambassadors are frequently involved in a range of activities to help them and others to fulfil their potential in particular subject areas. Such activities may include transition workshops with primary schools, demonstrations at school events e.g. open evening, and participation in, and even running of, extracurricular clubs and activities. Subject Ambassadors are highly valued by staff and students alike and the leadership skills that they develop in this role will serve them well in the future.