Achievement for All


At Caludon Castle Achievement for All (AfA) is a whole school intervention strategy – all our students benefit from this model. We have been involved with AfA for several years and we are now a Lead AfA Hub.

There are four strands to AfA and we believe that these are essential in order for our students to achieve and to grow into young, independent adults.

  • Leadership: ensuring all our leaders in the school have the necessary support which will reflect in our students’ learning and progress.
  • Teaching & Learning: ensuring necessary interventions in the classroom and different learning strategies will take place for all students as every child matters.
  • Wider Outcomes and Opportunities: supporting all our students to improve their self-esteem, emotional resilience, wellbeing and a readiness to learn, and to enable all students to take an active part in the wider life of school.
  • Parent and Carer Engagement : having parental engagement is key to student’s progress. We endeavour to establish effective relationships between parents or carers and to have a culture of mutual listening.