SPORTS DESK: Cally PE Challenges – Week One

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe. Each week you will be challenged by one of Caludon’s PE team to complete a sport/fitness based challenge.

The challenges should be easy for you to complete at home and will require minimal if any equipment.

Kicking off our #callyPEchallenges is Mr Frankish with a Football keepy-uppy challenge.

To complete the challenge you must complete 7 touches of the football using different body parts: 2 feet, 2 knees, 2 shoulders and header in that order.

The challenge TIF is to complete the 7 touches using you right foot, left foot, right knee, left knee, right shoulder, left shoulder and header – OVER TO YOU!

Send over any completed challenges to @Caludon or @CaludonPE

Good luck!