SCHOOL TRIP: A-Level Art Falmouth Residential

Our A-level Art Students made their way down to Falmouth, Cornwall, to explore the opportunities the University of Falmouth has to offer.

On the way we stopped off at Roche Court Sculpture Park, where we explored the works of prestigious artists such as Peter Randall Page, Barry Flanagan and David Nash.

Students discussed and formed opinions on the work, its purpose and how it could link to their new A-level investigations. Students even got to touch a sculpture worth £1.8 million.

From there, students travelled down to Falmouth University where students carried out a sgraffito, screen printing, game design and dry point etching workshops. Lecturers and staff at the university of Falmouth were very impressed with students application and commitment.

As well this, students stayed at Falmouth Backpackers Lodge, which had the luxury of having the beach down the road.

The trip allowed students to develop their thinking in art as well as experiencing life as a student at university. Art, fish ‘n’ chips and the seaside; what more could you ask for?

It was an absolute pleasure to accompany such passionate artists, thank you to all involved. 

Mr Owen