Year 8



During this crucial year students will be guided by the Year 8 team: Ms Edwards (Year Leader), Ms Hutchinson (Assistant Headteacher) and Ms Miller (Assistant Headteacher).


An excellent attendance record is important to ensure success at Caludon. We expect all students in Year 8 to achieve at least 96.5% attendance. Holidays during term time are not authorised.



All students attend school in full uniform. Students should wear a white shirt; clip on Caludon tie, black blazer (with Caludon badge), black trousers and plain black shoes or trainers. Some girls choose to wear a black skirt which must be knee length and not figure hugging.


The Curriculum 

All students at Caludon follow a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Students have a guided choice of subjects to study in Year 8.



This school uses graduation points. Points are awarded for 100% attendance, outstanding progress, attainment, consistent positive attitude to learning, magic moments in and out of lessons, extra-curricular commitment, promoting Caludon values such as community service and student leadership. Praise postcards, rewards assemblies and awards evenings are also used to reward students for positive attitudes, achievement and attainment.

Key Dates

  • Wednesday 20th September – Elite Awards evening for Y7 & 8 for 2016-17
  • Monday 13th November – Year 8 Information Evening
  • Monday 27th November – Teacher Day (school not open to students)
  • Tuesday 12th December – KS3 Higher Attainers Evening
  • Thursday 1st February – Year 8 Options Evening
  • Wednesday 7th February – Year 8 Subject Evening
  • Thursday 29th March: Year 11 revision day. School closed for years 7-10.
  • Friday 20th May – Year 8 HPV Vaccinations
  • w/b Monday 4th June – Year 8 tests
  • Thursday 28th and Friday 29th June – Teacher Day (school not open to students)
  • Thursday 12th July – Y7, Y8 & Y10 Elite Awards Evening

Trips and Visits

The school is committed to learning outside the classroom. Therefore a number of trips and visits are organised to extend students’ knowledge and deepen their understanding. Trips for Year 8 include:

  • w/b 6th November – London Olympic Park (Geography)
  • 6th & 9th November – Hampton Court Palace (History)
  • 15th November – Chemistry at work, RSC (Science)
  • 21st & 24th May – Black Country Museum (History)