Marr Walk


Please ensure correct uniform is worn at all times and correct equipment is taken into school.

We recommend that you purchase uniform from our preferred uniform suppliers – Andy Blair Sports and School wear; Cat Ballou Originals ltd; Clive Mark online. If you purchase from other sources, please be aware that their view of (fashionable) school wear is not ours. Therefore, you run the risk of your child not being in appropriate school uniform. Please refer to the checklist and exemplar images on the school website before making your purchase.

A list is provided below:

Blazer Black
Badge Caludon badge
Trousers Black: with either front or side zip fastening, beyond ankle in length. (No jeans, corduroy, stripes, slits, legging type, or excessively narrow legs; no decorative belts, non-stretch material)
Skirts Plain black (knee length and of plain design and shape. Not low-waisted, skin tight)
Socks Plain black (not patterned)
Tights Plain black or neutral
Shirt/Blouse White (with collar that can be buttoned at the neck and long enough to be tucked in)
Tie Clip ties (including approved school sport elite ties)
Shoes Flat, black (no fashion shoes, slipper/flip flop style, PLAIN all black trainers are allowed.  Low ‘business like’ ankle boots are allowed but trousers must cover the ankle section of the boot.  Large boots such as ‘doc martens’ are not allowed)
Bag Practical (strong and big enough for all equipment and resources to be brought to school)
In addition if required:
Pullover Plain black ‘V’ neck only (no sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, zip tops should be worn inside the school buildings.)
Scarf Not football club or similar
Outer coat Raincoat, overcoat, plain, dark (jackets/coats to be big enough so that blazers can be worn underneath. In school, blazers are to be worn.  Coats/ hoodies are not to be seen in the school building. 
Jewellery One pair small studs (one in each earlobe). No body, facial or mouth pierced items. No other jewellery, including charity bands, to be worn)
Make-up Year 7-10: No eye make-up, mascara, blusher, eyeliner or lipstick (a subtle application of concealer is allowed. No decorative nail extensions/nail polish allowed)

Year 11 only: Year 11 students are permitted to wear a subtle/discreet application of make-up, including: eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blusher and lip colour. The following are NOT allowed: false eyelashes, nail polish of any description, nail extensions/acrylics etc.

Hair Extreme hairstyles in terms of style are not acceptable (large hair accessories are also not acceptable.  If hair is coloured it must be in a natural colour (not an extreme shade).  A plain dark ribbon/headband is acceptable)
Tattoos Please not that in the UK “it shall be an offence to tattoo a person under the age of 18”.  Tattoos are not acceptable in school.

Basic equipment

Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for every lesson:

Pencil, eraser, black or blue pen (and a spare), ruler, reading book, calculator – for some courses you will need a scientific calculator

You may find it is useful to have a prittstick, a set of highlighters, a French/Spanish dictionary and an English pocket dictionary.


All elements of the sports kit should have the Caludon logo on.

Compulsory items Optional items
Boys Kit Sports polo –



Panelled Shorts – black/scarlet/white


Black knee length Caludon sports socks


Swimming trunks – black




Fully reversible sports top – black/scarlet/white


Panelled rain jacket – black/scarlet/white


Tracksuit bottoms – black with school logo

Girls Kit Girls cut sports polo – black/scarlet/white


Panelled SKORT – black/scarlet/white


Black knee length Caludon sports socks


Swimming costume, not bikini




¼ zip top – black/scarlet/white


Panelled rain jacket – black/scarlet/white


Tracksuit bottoms – black with school logo.


All of the kit items need to have the Caludon Castle logos on and the following suppliers stock this range:

  • Andy Blair Sports and Schoolwear
  • Cat Ballou originals Ltd
  • Clive Mark online