Parent Council

Caludon Castle Parent Council Constitution

  1. Purpose and Aims

The Parent Council provides a forum for parents to come together, share ideas, and put forward their views to the headteacher and local governing body. It serves two distinct but related purposes:

  • To give parents a voice and increase their active involvement in decision-making; to foster a culture of ownership and participation.
  • To develop a partnership between the school and parents/carers in order to support and promote the pupils’ learning and bring about change.
  1. Benefits of the Parent Council

Benefits for parents

  • Parents have a forum in which they can come together, share ideas and put forward their views to the headteacher and governing body of their school.
  • It provides an opportunity for active involvement in school decision-making.
  • It is hoped that it will break down barriers, perceived or actual, between the school and parents who are less involved in the school and also improve working relationships between the school and parents who are already involved in the school.

Benefits for school

  • Caludon Castle is able to develop a better understanding of the views and needs of parents and how they might address them.
  • The Parent Council will provide a clear route for parents as a group (rather than as individuals) to feed back to the school and governing body.
  • It provides a platform reaching out to parents who are currently less engaged, or not at all engaged with the school and overcome some of the barriers which prevent parents from engaging with the school.
  1. Remit of the Parent Council
  • Enable parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to the school via the school leadership team and/or the local governing body.
  • Give parents a voice and enable them to contribute to school decision making.
  • Help develop a positive partnership between parents and school.
  1. Membership

At present, the Parent Council membership does not have a limit and is open to all parents/carers of students currently at Caludon Castle School. (Not to the students themselves.)

Parent Governors and/or specifically invited members of staff at the school may attend.

The Parent Council will endeavour to reach out to parents who are less likely to be involved.

The Parent Council will also endeavour to have representation across all year groups.

  1. Chair of the Parent Council

There are two distinct aspects to running the Parent Council Group:

  • Strategically running the group – deciding what the Parent Council wants to achieve, setting agendas, chairing discussions, representing the group to the headteacher or governing body etc.
  • Dealing with the practical arrangements for the group – setting up and servicing meetings, arranging rooms, equipment, note – taking etc.

It is recommended that the chair remain in position for at least one academic year in order to provide stability to the group. A change of chair might take place at the end of an academic year and it is the responsibility of the last council meeting of the academic year to ensure that a chair person is place for the following year.

The chair should ideally:

  • have some experience of leading a group/ chairing meetings.
  • understand that their role is to enable members of the group to speak and not to speak for them.
  • instil confidence in others.
  • ensure that communication takes place between the Parent Council and the local governing body.
  • understand the relationship between the Parent Council and the local governing body and the school. 
  1. Parent Council Meetings

The Parent Council aims to hold one meeting per term.

 Publicising meetings

The Parent Council will use as many different ways as possible to spread information about meetings, as this will attract the maximum number of parents. These will include:

  • newsletters and the website
  • text messages
  • asking teachers to publicise during tutor times
  • enlisting parents to talk to other parents i.e. encouraging word of mouth

Publicising the work of the Parent Council

For the Parent Council to continue to attract parents to meetings and keep in touch with those who do not attend meetings, it is vital that parents are aware of its work and its successes. The Parent Council will therefore promote its work widely and develop innovative ways of keeping in touch with parents. These will include:

  • posters and information around the school where parents will see them
  • regular reports in school newsletters and on the school’s website
  • distributing a brief annual summary of Parent Council activities to all parents
  • references to Parent Council contributions to other work in the school

Parent Council Code of Conduct

  • Support and be guided by the Chair of the meeting
  • Respect other people’s opinions and ideas
  • Keep to the agreed agenda