Student Learning

    Student learning is at the heart of everything we do at Caludon Castle School: all displays are focussed on outstanding learning; we have varied learning areas, called collaborative learning spaces, which facilitate creative learning in groups. Our vision is to raise the achievement and self-esteem of our learners, through fostering their curiosity in a supportive, co-operative environment. We have been an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ school since 2007-2008, with the most recent Ofsted inspection grading us as ‘outstanding’ in every category.

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    Student Leadership

    At Caludon Castle School student leadership is a key priority. We believe that the benefits of student leadership are wide and various. This year we are working to provide even more opportunities for students to take part in leadership activities.

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    Student Challenge

    At Caludon we challenge students to recognise and realise their potential in a range of different areas, from high academic outcomes to sporting prowess and from active citizenship to artistic excellence. They are supported in this through the AIM (Able and Inspired Minds) framework, the underlying principle of which lies in aspirational expectations. AIM students are those who demonstrate great potential to be highly successful.

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    Student Support

    At Caludon Castle we understand the need for quality care, guidance and support as the welfare of our students is of paramount importance to us.
    We have strong systems designed to provide a caring and disciplined environment which supports students to excel in all areas of their learning, developing into responsible and active citizens.
    All year groups have a Year Leader, member of the Senior Leadership Team, Leadership Team and Extended Leadership Team dedicated to their care and support.

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Welcome to our new school website. I hope you will find it both informative and useful. Despite achieving two consecutive outstanding inspection judgements, we continue to strive for excellence and to be the best we can be.

We have been selected to become one of a few teaching schools in the country. As from September we are the lead school for the Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance which comprises ten schools who take a leading role in training new teachers and the development of existing teachers. Ongoing professional development is a key to our success.

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